Test Card F: Television, Mythinformation and Social Control


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AK Press
ISBN: 9789781873171

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Test Card F is a graphic demolition derby through the culture of a factory farmed and show-shocked society, a society whose sell-by date has long since expired. Using savage image/text cut and paste, this controversial book explodes all previous media theories and riots through the Global Village, looting the ideological supermarkets of all its products: anti-fascism, Malcolm X, James Bulger, the Gulf War, Satanic Abuse, Somalia, and Eastern Europe.

Test Card F joyrides in front of the surveillance cameras, amidst the rubble of a junkyard nation, and heaves television’s burnt-out carcass through the plate glass shop window of “independent” video and “community access” broadcasting. It transcends postmodern and Situationist analysis in its positive refusal of the concept of Truth.

Test Card F has no named authors; it originates in the pirate transmissions of the unruly squatters of cyberspace when scheduled programming closes down for the night.

80 pages. Black and white paperback.
AK Press, 1994

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