San Francisco Comic Book #7

Classic Undeground Comix from 1983


Classic Undeground Comix from 1983: San Francisco Comic Book #7 features Spain Rodriguez, Larry Rippee, Terry Boyce, Roger Brand, Barry Seigel & Bruce Simon, John Burnham, Tom Crow, Melinda Gebbie, Steve Mills, Bill Griffith, Kim Deitch, Dori Seda, Steve LeClair, Willy Murphy, Joel Beck, and Gilbert Shelton.

Gary Arlington (1938-2014) spent his entire life in the San Francisco Bay Area. He opened the first comic book shop in America in San Francisco in the 1960s. His shop became a meeting place for young artists and helped inspire and launch the careers of many famous figures in Underground Comix.

68 page black and white comic book
Last Gasp, 1983