Samurai Champloo Vol. 1


by manglobe & Masaru Gotsubo

Three strangers–a hardworking waitress, an arrogant mercenary, and a mysterious samurai–form an uneasy alliance as they search for the enigmatic Sunflower Samurai and cross paths with numerous characters, including ninjas, assassins, and princes in disguise.

Tokyo Pop
ISBN: 9781591822820

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In a world filled with evil, three strangers meet and suddenly find themselves on the run from the law. A hardworking waitress, an arrogant mercenary and a mysterious samurai form an uneasy alliance. They are searching for the enigmatic Sun-flower Samurai, but along the way they come across a collection of deceptive and insidious characters: ninjas, assassins and even a prince in disguise. The journey proves to be nothing less than a roller coaster ride of battles, danger, desperation and companionship!

186 page black and white paperback
Tokyo Pop, 2005

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