REVENGER: Children Of The Damned


by Charles Forsman

A hyperviolent graphic novel from the creator of The End of the F***ing World & I Am Not Okay With This, following the exploits of Revenger. A hardboiled festival of force, fights–but not forgiveness.

Bergen Street Press
ISBN: 9780989506663

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When all hope is lost, and those that meant the most to you have been ripped away, there is only one moment left: the moment of revenge. Out of the darkness stalks a blood-soaked nightmare, cloaked with the scars of her righteous mission. In Revenger Volume One, the first collection of Charles Forsman’s self-published abattoir, those who do evil will find themselves faced, finally, with the hungry maw of justice.

Revenger maintains a connection to Forsman’s introspective previous works by showing how past trauma haunts the lead heroine, but it also gives him the opportunity to stage forceful fight sequences that are unlike anything he’s done before.” —Oliver Sava, The AV Club

144 page full color paperback
Bergen Street Press, 2015

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