Red Room: Trigger Warnings #1 – Scratch and Dent


by Ed Piskor

Red Room wraps up its debut four-issue monthly season with a trio of tales: “Cyclical Territory,” “Pure Evil,” and “Snuff Said” explore Butcher’s origins in the VHS/Betamax era of torture porn before twisting into a contemporary revenge fantasy gone wrong. 

NOTE: RECEIVED DAMAGED! Now at a deep discount to you.
The bottom right corner is lightly bent through the book. It’s not super noticeable but it’s there.

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Red Room is back with this satnd-alone issue.

The best selling, most talked about series of 2020 kicks off its second four-issue “season” with another self-contained mini-masterpiece of monthly comics storytelling. In this issue, the Decimator presents… The Rat Queens! And unfortunately for them, they are front and center in his most horrific red room broadcast yet! As seen on the YouTube channel sensation, Cartoonist Kayfabe, from the creator of X-Men: Grand Design and Hip Hop Family Tree!

NOTE: The bottom right corner is lightly bent through the book.

32 page comic book
Outlaw Comics & Fantagraphics Books, 2022

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