Real War Stories #1


editor: Joyce Brabner

Ex-members of the military tell their stories in this full-color comic from 1987, and still frighteningly relevant today.

Eclipse Comics
ISBN: 9789998588837

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The Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors (CCC0) is in the business of peacemaking. It provides essential information for young men and women who become conscientious objectors after enlisting in the armed services, and it serves as a resource center for young men who may have moral reservations about registering with Selective Service. The CCC0 also collaborates with other organizations to encourage nonviolence as an alternative to military confrontations. 

In 1987, at the height of the US involvement in several “covert” wars in Central America, the CCC) enlisted some of the nations best comix authors and artists to produce a volume that would tell the stories of Vietnam veterans who’d been traumatized their war experiences, enlisted personnel in the services who’d successfully sought CO status, and civilians victimized by US-funded Central American dictatorships. The result was this masterfully drawn and written volume, Real War Stories.


“The Elite of the Fleet,” the narrative of an African American Navy CO by Mike W. Barr. Brian Bolland and Mark Farmer;

“Tapestries,” an especially poignant reminiscences of a Viet Nam vet Part 1 by Alan Moore and S. R. Bissette, Part 2 by W.D. Erhardt and Alan Moore with Stan Woch and John Totleben;

“False Note,” a narrative of a woman CO  by Joyce Brabner and Rebecca Huntington;

“Alternate Service,” a memoir of a CO who performed alternate service by Steve Leialoha;

“The Decision,” the story of Andy Mager’s Selective Service resistance by Denny O’neil and Steve Leialoha; and the masterful

“A Long Time Ago & Today,” Conquistador and US exploitation of El Salvador by Joyce Brabner, Lou Ann Merkle with Thomas Yeates and Mark Johnson.

48 page full color comic book
Eclipse Comics, 1987

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