Razorcake #107


Punks and Mental Health (featuring Miguel Chen, Jonas Cannon, Jes Skolnik, Jamie Rotante, and Haleigh Buck)

Razorcake provides consistent coverage of do-it-yourself punk culture that you won’t find anywhere else. They believe in positive, progressive, community-friendly DIY punk. DIY punk culture is often misrepresented, misunderstood, and the target of corporate exploitation. Razorcake supports a legit community of punk music and culture as the only bona fide 501(c)(3) non-profit music magazine in the US.

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Razorcake 107, featuring Despise You, club sCUM, La Tuya, West Oakland Punks With Lunch, One Punk’s Guide to Patrick Cowley

Cover design by Keith Rosson
Cover photo by Anthony Mehlhaff

Feature length interviews with Despise You: by Juan Espinosa and Daryl Gussin

Club sCUM: Interview by Ever Velasquez and Daryl Gussin

La Tuya: Interview by Todd Taylor

West Oakland Punks With Lunch: Interview by Rosie Gonce

One Punk’s Guide to Patrick Cowley by Billups Allen

Columns by:

Donna Ramone believes in life after love. (instagram)

Jim Ruland gets put back together. (instagram, website, twitter)

Lucky Nakazawa is sitting here broken hearted, he came to poo but…. (instagram, website)

Ben Snakepit is playing zine fest bingo. (instagram, website)

MariNaomi is the smoothest of the smooth. (instagram, website)

Rev. Nørb and the close encounters of the worst kind. (website)

Designated Dale puts another dime in the jukebox.

Art Fuentes gets oily and fights his fears. (instagram, twitter)

Puro Pinche Poetry: Gritos Del Barrio (Edited by Ever Velasquez (instagram) and Eugenia Nicole(instagram)
A selection from:
When our bodies are weapons
(For Jesse James Romero)

“Fuck the police
our bodies are weapons
See me here unafraid
This is war”
Iris De Anda

Roque remembers Jesse James Romero. (instagram)

Rhythm Chicken made me realize my local soup purveyor is judging me. (facebook)

And photos from the lovely and talented:
Dan Monick (instagram, website, twitter)

Chris Boarts Larson (instagram, facebook, website)

Rachel Murray Framingheddu
(instagram, website)

112 page black and white newsprint magazine with 2-color covers
Gorsky Press, 2018

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