Mineshaft #29


Featuring work by R. Crumb, Charles Bukowski, David Collier, Spain Rodriguez, and more!

Mineshaft Magazine

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Featuring… More Amazing “Excerpts From R. Crumb’s Dream Diary” (dreams this issue include: “Dream of Government Agents Trying to Make Me Take Pills,” “Dream of two toilets,” “Dream of neglected children,” “Dream of huge woman in thigh-high boots,” “Dream of two girls in an elevator,” “Dream of running with my brother Charles,” and “Hypnogogic demons”) & inside back cover sketchbook art by Crumb! Poetry-Comic Back Cover, “Stone Tiger Frozen Sea” by Charles Bukowski, illustrated by Pat Moriarity and David Collier! “Moon Going Down” black & white photos of legendary Blues musicians playing in Southern California during the late 1960s and early ’70’s… by Brad Barrett! “The End of Films” by David Collier! Political cartoons by Mary Fleener! Comics by Christoph Mueller! Sketchbook drawings by Spain Rodriguez! Comics by Aleksandar Zograf! Comics by Aaron Lange! Art by Robert Armstrong! And More!

52 page black and white digest
Mineshaft, April 2013

ISSN: 1532-138X

1,000 copies printed.

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