Meat Cake Reissue Two: #5, #6 & #7 – Signed


by Dame Darcy

Issues five through seven of the Fantagraphics Meat Cake series collected in one hot pan. Dark stories of witchcraft, oddities and the occult, in Darcys distinctively Goth visual style. Friend the Girl seeks lessons in beekeeping from Dr. Granny. The haunting horse tale of the Ghost Filly. Effluvia the Mermaid and Scampi the Selfish Shellfish crash Hindrance and Perfidia’s party. Tales of pyromania and other kinds of mania: “Bullets for Breakfast,” “Demon Drink,” “Twist of Fate,” and “Cozy Corner”. 

Signed on first page by Dame Darcy

ISBN: 9780982562512

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Debate… If a ghost tried to drive a car it would be pulled over for being a driverless car. The grandmother that saves her granddaughter from beyond the grave. Honey, bees, and siamese twin voles in a giant “ant farm” vole hill. The ghost filly, the uselessness of everything, lucky wishes, Cancer as a astrology sign. Goin’ to the fair spook house. Doppelgangers! Dolls that come back from the dead through telekinsis, to wreck vengence on a mermaid murderer. Paper dolls! A dwarf girl and a 8 year old work together at the circus and no one can tell them apart so they rob a bank and live at an orphanage. A girl whos father is a scientist and mother is a horse because he gestated her in a horse. Knitting cosies for everything in the house and being encased in cosies like a moth. A fun map of Sobriety Straight, where the Meat Cake characters live. Paper Dolls! Fun as always. b&w.

74 page black and white paperback
Dame Darcy, 2009

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