Lazarus Churchyard #1


by Warren Ellis
art: D'Israeli

Lazarus Churchyard in “The Virtual Kiss”. Warren Ellis’ first major work features a man cursed with immortality, thanks to a radical plastic. After 400 years a corporation offers to end his misery in exchange for doing one last dirty job.

Tundra Publishing

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He’s four-hundred-years-old, seen just about everything there is to see, done just about every drug there is to do. But there’s one more thing Lazarus Churchyard wants. He wants to die.

Centuries ago, Churchyard was a test subject in an experiment to graft “intelligent evolving plastic” to his body. It not only allowed his new body to adapt to nearly any situation in a blink of an eye, it also essentially left him maddeningly immortal. Now, in a distant future where drugs are Churchyard’s only source of escape, he is presented with an opportunity to have his greatest wish fulfilled. A company called Isis-Elek has offered to kill Churchyard for a price. But is the cost too great?

40 page full color comic
Tundra, 1992

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