Kitchen Table Magazine #2


editor: Brett Warnock

Kitchen Table #2: The Market Issue. Filling the massive hole left by the ending of David Chang and Peter Meehan’s Lucky Peach magazine is Portland’s Kitchen Table. As it is led by former Top Shelf magazine and Productions head Brett Warnock, there are some familiar illustrators from the world of indie comics here. They are in the mix with hot food talent from the mag’s home base of foodie capital Portland, Oregon as well as many other notable contributors. Rock out with your wok out!

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Kitchen Table #2: The Market Issue. It’s said that most magazine launches don’t last past the first issue. We’re here to tell you that our table is set, food is piling up, wine corks are popping, guests are arriving, and we’re gonna party all night long! There’s no sophomore slump here, so come on in and settle down.

Cover art: Ulana Zahajkewycz’s charming fairy-tale image is a reminder of the communal nature of food systems, whether eggs are purchased from a grocery store, a farmer, or, in this case, a sly fox.

Small Bites: “The Goldfish Princess Ponyo” captains a boat of ramen; a comic strip history of the Italian dessert tartufo; plus, Satanic junk food, Slurpees, and, from Betty Turbo, the groceries we actually need—including a bar of Let That Shit Go soap and a party-size bag of Basic Human Decency.

Place: an exploration of the myriad ways that we shop for food and connect with other cultures, from Korean markets and inner-city bodegas to rural shopping and Japanese vending machines.

Main Dish: walks the aisles of an extraordinary convenience store in Portland that offers a community space and quality snacks alongside the usual beer and candy; a fully illustrated essay by Justin Dawes reveals how he experienced Thailand through a bustling street market; a conversation with Luna Enriquez about how her food-inspired art ties together the whimsical and the political; travel the world through “ingredient hoarding.” Also, a rhapsodic round-up of Portland-area co-ops, specialty stores, and international food markets invites readers to leave their comfort zone, try new ingredients, and become more familiar with the diverse cultures in their own backyards.

Recipe: Filo parcels stuffed w/mushrooms, leeks, and aged gruyere.

Word From The Kitchen: pickle. “…one could argue that a pickle, a solution of vinegar for preserving foods, is different than brine, which is a solution saturated with salt, and one would be right to split hairs…”

Contributors include James Kochalka, Ulana Zahajkewycz, Bwana Spoons, Jenny Jaeckel, Ben Wong, Eileen Cho and Carl Adamshick.

78 page full color magazine

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