Independents: A Guide for the Creative Spirit DVD

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by Chris Brandt

Why does one choose to become an “artist”?

What makes an artist “independent”?

Where do they get their ideas?

Twenty-four respected creators unveil the secrets of the artistic mind, by talking about their favorite medium, the lowest of the low-brow arts: comic books.

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From cave paintings dating back 35,000 years to the graphic novels of today, sequential images have been used to tell magically influential stories. In examining an art form that has, until recently, not been accepted as “art”, and discovering what it is these passionate creators find appealing about comic books, a bright light is shed on ALL independent creators, whether they work in graphic novels, film, music, or basket weaving.

Join INDEPENDENTS in the exploration of the path less traveled, on the quest for the “Well of Ideas”.


  • Jessica Abel: Artbabe / La Peridida
  • Trevor Alixopulos: Mine Tonight / The Hot Breath of War
  • Scott Allie: Dark Horse Comics
  • Michael Dooley: Education Of A Comics Artist
  • Kevin Eastman: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Heavy Metal
  • Gary Groth: Fantagraphics Books / The Comics Journal
  • Eric Jones & Landry Walker: Kid Gravity / Supergirl
  • Keith Knight: The K Chronicles / (Th)ink / Woke
  • Erik Larsen: The Savage Dragon
  • Batton Lash: Supernatural Law
  • Matt Madden: 99 Ways To Tell A Story / A Fine Mess
  • Scott McCloud: Making Comics / Understanding Comics
  • Carla Speed McNeil: Finder
  • Linda Medley: Castle Waiting
  • Tony Millionaire: Maakies / Sock Monkey / Drink Crow
  • Scott Mills: Space Devil / Seamonsters & Superheroes
  • Terry Moore: Strangers In Paradise
  • Wendy Pini: Elfquest / Masque Of The Red Death
  • Eric Powell: The Goon / Hillbilly
  • Johnny Ryan: Angry Youth Comix
  • James Sime: Isotope Comic Book Lounge SF
  • Craig Thompson: Blankets / Goodbye Chunky Rice
  • Brett Warnock: Top Shelf Productions
  • Mike Wellman: Gone South / Macafro
  • Shannon Wheeler: Too Much Coffee Man
  • Robert Williams: Zap! / Juxtapoz
  • Jim Woodring: Frank / Jim

Bonus Material:

  • Extra interviews: Johnny Ryan, Terry Moore, Ron Turner (Last Gasp)
  • Deleted Footage
  • An Extended History of Comics
  • Direct Market Store Profiles
  • Trailers
  • A Hidden Surprise

77 minute (main feature) All Region Video DVD
Chris Brandt, 2007

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