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editor: Graham Annable

All manner of games: bouncy games; square games; gladiatorial games; ball games and more are given the Hickee treatment by a crew of expert funny men. Hailing from such diverse backgrounds as animation, illustration, and surfing, these cartoonists bring all their skills to bear in Hickee. In the tradition of Mad, Weirdo, and Plop!, this book is for lovers of screwy, humorous comics. Giggle away at the latest works of Scott Campbell, Graham Annable, Razmig Mavlian, Joe White, Nathan Stapley, Paul Brown, and Vamberto Maduro.

Alternative Comics
ISBN: 9781891867422

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A decade ago Graham Annable (Grickle, Puzzle Agent), Dave Bogan, Paul Harvey Brown, Scott Campbell (Double Fine Action Comics), Razmig Mavlian, Marc Overney, Derek Sakai, Nathan Stapley, Vam, and Joe White teamed up to individually and collectively create the over 120 pages of genre-defining comics assembled here.

“If this anthology of humorous comics by a group of San Francisco-area young artists is any measure, the spirit of anti-mainstream cartooning is alive and well.” —Publishers Weekly

For Mature Readers

Introduction by Sam Henderson

128 page black and white paperback with color covers by Graham Annable
Alternative Comics, 2003

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