Heroes, Inc. Presents Cannon #1


by Wallace Wood & Co.

The debut of a whole new roster of Wally Wood characters: Cannon, The Misfits, Mystra, Shag, Glomb and Dragonella. Illustrated by Wood, Steve Ditko and Ralph Reese.

Armed Services Dist.

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Heroes, Inc. Presents Cannon was a two-issue comic book series that represents one of the earliest independent comics. The first issue was self-published by Wally Wood in 1969, a second issue was published by CPL Gang Publications in 1976. The comics were squarly aimed at US military personnel.

Features the spy adventure “Cannon” (script and inks by Wally Wood, pencils by Steve Ditko); “The Misfits,” an SF story featuring a buxom Mystra (as only Wood can draw ’em), Shag the Beast Boy, and Glomb (who looks like an early version of Concrete) (script by Wood, art by Wood and Ralph Reese); and a fantasy tale, “Dragonella” (script by Ron Whyte and Wood, art by Wood).

Wally Wood cover.

32 page full color comic
Armed Services Dist., 1969

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