Hardcorn #1


Art school comic anthology from 1993 edited by Sarah Jacobson.

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Art school comic anthology from 1993 edited by the late film director (I Was A Teenage Serial Killer, Mary Jane’s Not a Virgin Anymore, Making of ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains’) and much missed dear friend, Sarah Jacobson.

Featuring work by Jacobson, Stephen Holman, IPat Broderick, Diana Mars, Simone Ashby, Paul M. Clipson, Steve Herman, Steven Nereo, Cameron Nobel, Snapper Lemieux, Ramona, Marlene Lopez, Jessica Goddard, Paul Rivera, Uwe Jahnke, Django Golden, Claire R., Joe O’Neill, Dale Flattum (Milk Cult File: Great Moments in Art #22), Alicia J. Rose, Jill Franklin, Brian Tapley, and Doug Abraham. No MSG. "I really love Jesus, but God is one big fat jerk."

64 pages. Black and white with color cover.

Stationwagon Productions, 1993

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