Happy #3


by Josh Simmons

Happy three. Circus Zirkus Bezurkus.

Top Shelf

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Not for the weak of heart, Josh’s incredibly drawn comics are a disturbing exposé on the dark side of the American Dream, pointing out the sometimes ludicrous underbelly of Democracy and Prosperity. His delicious art and unusual concepts are simply mind-boggling. Fans of Ivan Brunetti’s Schizo, Pete Sickman-Garner’s Hey, Mister and Johnny Ryan’s Angry Youth Comix will definitely want to “get Happy.” ADULTS ONLY.

OMFG… This is ridiculous! Top Shelf went beyond lazy and used the EXACT SAME DESCRIPTION for the first three issues of Happy! What is going on here?! Are these things just that disturbing?

32 pages of luscious black and white newsprint with color covers
Top Shelf, 2003

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