Greyshirt Indigo Sunset #3


From the pages of TOMORROW STORIES comes one of AMERICA'S BEST COMICS' most intriguing characters: Greyshirt! Who is Greyshirt and how did he come to be? What is the real story behind Indigo City's champion? Where did his career begin?

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Out in the real world, Franky Lafayette and Johnny Apollo form a partnership, taking over the rackets in Indigo City. Sometimes crime does pay, but never for very long. Events in this issue sow the seeds of their breakup (which clears the way for one of our rotten eggs to become Indigo's greatest champion). Enjoy the Sunday funnies and the Indigo Sunset newspaper. Plus, you won't want to miss it when artist David Lloyd (V FOR VENDETTA) proves that what you can't see can sometimes still hurt you!

32 page full color comic

America's Best Comics, 2002

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Rick Veitch & David Lloyd