Greyshirt Indigo Sunset #2


From the pages of TOMORROW STORIES comes one of AMERICA'S BEST COMICS' most intriguing characters: Greyshirt! Who is Greyshirt and how did he come to be? What is the real story behind Indigo City's champion? Where did his career begin?

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More mysteries of Indigo City's champion revealed. Franky and Johnny are getting old enough to cause some trouble all their own, distributing Cobweb comics at the local high school. Their new pal Candi's old enough to fantasize about being the next voluptuous vigilante in Indigo City…but young enough that you can still call her Jailbait. Plus, along with the Sunday funnies and the Indigo Sunset newspaper, Russ Heath brings us the story all creators need to hear: What happens when you finally have to put away your pens?

32 page full color comic

America's Best Comics, 2002

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Rick Veitch & Russ Heath