Ganges 5


by Kevin Huizenga

Can you make an exciting comic out of insomnia? Kevin Huizenga rises to the challenge as he depicts his alter ego Glenn Ganges wrestling with sleeplessness, trying to trick it by reading a particularly abstruse book, obsessively breaking his past, present and future life into ever more hallucinatory, complex grids, and wandering around his darkened house trying not to wake up his wife.

Fantagraphics Books

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The Eisner and Harvey nominated and Ignatz winning series is back. In this pulse pounding issue Glenn Ganges travels back in time and learns about mountains and rivers at the speed of “Deep Time.” Glenn and his wife Wendy also spend some time trying to work together, go to the airport and go to a funeral. Every page is a jam packed jewel of cartooning power. Arguably, the comic book highlight of the year.

32 pages two color magazine with color covers
Fantagraphics Books, 2016

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