Late 80’s tabloid anthology by School of Visual Arts students and teachers.

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Warehouse Find! Dug up 10 copies of this School of Visual Arts published anthology from 1987 while unpacking the new Wow Cool HQ.

This 16-page 12″ x 14″ tabloid represents some of the cream of that years cartooning students. It’s a much more solid and focussed affair than the regular campus publications Will Eisner’s Gallery and Harvey Kurtzman’s Kartünz from that era. The crew gathered around art Spiegelman’s and Kurtzman’s classes was stretching well beyond what had been typically seen in the New York cartooning community; pulling in influences from graffiti, fine art, the downtown scene of Basquiat, Harring and Scharf, RAW, Gary Panter, Elles Sont de Sortie, outsider art, videogames, xerography, screenprinting, underground comics, experimental video, manga and more. The most visible product from this loose collective were the publications from the earliest incarnation of Funny Garbage and those from Mark Sunshine, including LGM. And then there was this old chestnut, which editor Ion somehow convinced the school to finance.

What you get: An absolutely striking and classic jam cover; A classic Sheldon comic page by Harvey Kurtzman, printed really big in crisp black and white; A page from Kurtzman’s assistant Sarah Downs; three pages by Mark Sunshine, including a jam piece with Paul Komoda; a page by Chris Capuozzo – more recently seen in Paper Rodeo, Diamond Comics and Pood; five pages from editor Ion, including the back cover; A page each from Alexander Ross, Tom Dutcher, Sue Ann Leibovitz, Ben Jackson and Christine Dimaio.

NOTE: These are a bit scuffed up, but in surpisingly nice shape otherwise. The paper is still bright white.

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