Dragon Puncher

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by James Kochalka

Boldly combining Kochalka’s signature cartooning with hilarious photography, Dragon Puncher is also a unique visual treat. Kids will go nuts for this goofy backyard adventure.

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ISBN: 9781603090575

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From the fertile mind of James Kochalka comes an all-new fantasy adventure for all ages!

Meet the Dragon Puncher, a cute but ruthless kitty in an armored battle suit, dedicated to defeating dangerous dragons wherever they may be. The Dragon Puncher and his would-be sidekick Spoony-E (a fuzzy little fellow armed with a wooden spoon) confront a gigantic, drooling dragon and have a ridiculous, hilarious brawl.

Boldly combining Kochalka’s signature cartooning with hilarious photography, Dragon Puncher is also a unique visual treat. Kids will go nuts for this goofy backyard adventure.

“Kochalka channels his inner child as well as any comic book creator who has ever lived.” — Timothy Callahan,Comic Book Resources

“Kochalka’s work makes me feel like I did when I was six years old. He brings the joy back to comics.” — Frank Miller, creator of Sin City300, and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

“A novel mix of photographs and illustration, this unique little gem is chockfull of giggles… With its vivid palette and rampant silliness, this work should enrapture young readers. Effervescently bizarre.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Do four-year-olds need an oddball, absurdist, semisurreal, homemade comic book in their lives? Indie stalwart Kochalka thinks so, and he may just convince you… If it sounds as though it were hatched in Kochalka’s backyard playing with his family, there’s an excellent chance that’s the case. But through Kochalka’s guerilla, one-man-and-a-pen style of creation, it magically captures the exact sense of zaniness often discovered in such a playtime and found in some of the best TOON Book titles… and with huge panels and spare dialogue that will amuse kids and adults, it’s also the rare graphic novel that makes an excellent read-aloud.” — Booklist

“Kochalka’s off-beat humor works perhaps even better here than it does in his Johnny Boo books. He’s found just the right blend of sarcasm, silliness, and action to appeal to both child readers and to adults reading this with their kids … An excellent choice for school and public library collections.” — Snow Wildsmith, School Library Journal‘sGood Comics For Kids

40 page full color hardcover, 6″ x 9″
Top Shelf, 2010

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