Double Nickels Forever


editor: Warren Craghead

This comics anthology, edited by Warren Craghead, features cartoonists taking on each song of Minutemen’s 1984 magnum opus double album Double Nickels on the Dime. Some comics are straight adaptations, others are more free form, but all carry on the spirit of one of the most beloved punk bands in history. Features work from John Porcellino, Warren Craghead, Josh Bayer, Chris Cilla, Derik Badman, Marc Bell, Franklin Einspruch, Gabby Gamboa and many more.

Leaf & Signal
ISBN: 9780988393332

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A drawn tribute to the Minutemen’s Double Nickels on the Dime album. 59 artists drew the 45 songs on the double LP — 182 pages of comics drawn econo. Features work from: David Espinosa Alvarez, Derik Badman, Josh Bayer, Marc Bell, Bunny Blake, Shawn Bliss, Josef Buchanan, Jim Campbell, Chris Cilla, B. Erin Cole, Warren Craghead, Mauricio Cordero, Razvan Dü, Franklin Einspruch, Shawn Eisenach, Henry Eudy, Sean Ford, Jon-Michael Frank, JF Frankel, Gabrielle Gamboa, Dottie Georges, Tym Godek, Allan Haverholm, Damon Hurd, Jon Hioki, Jim Horwat, Ben Humeniuk, Giuseppe Iacobaci, Rusty Jordan, Evan Keeling, Jeff Langdon, Danny Miller, Hiyori Minato, Simon Moreton, L Nichols, Les Overlord, John Porcellino, Luke Ramsey, Ink Rey, Dmitry Samarov, Matt Schmidt, Adrian Serghie, Derek Shaak, Brooke Sheridan, Pete Sickman-Garner, Scott Stripling, Stephen Sturgis, Ed Syder, Sergio Varbella, Chris Vorhees, Jason Walter, Todd Webb, Dean Westerfield, Geoffrey D. Wessel, Andrew White, Kelly Williams, Lydia Wysocki, Sarah Boyts Yoder and Dan Zimmerman.

Foreword by Marc Weidenbaum

184 black and white paperback with 2-color covers
Leaf & Signal, 2014

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