Diamond Comics #4


In this issue: Michael Deforge, Dame Darcy, Throne Boogie, Cody Brant & Dunja Jankovic, Derek Ballard, Jason Overby, Aidan Koch, Al Columbia, Igor Hofbauer, Tim Goodyear, Tesunori Tawaraya, Matt Lock, and Blaise Larmee. 

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Featuring a magical mystery cover by Michael Deforge and weighing in at 32 pages, this is the coolest one yet.

  • Throne Boogie presents: DMTV ‘Death Trip’

  • Derek Ballard shows us sci-fi porn from the future

  • Al Columbia shares an incredible new painting, ‘Toyland’ as a full color centerpiece

  • Igor Hofbauer sends urban tales from Zagreb, Croatia

  • Tetsunori Tawaraya says hello from Japan

  • Matt Lock presents his first ever comic!

Sweetest of all, this issue features 7 artists from Portland:

  • Cody Brant & Dunja Jankovic set their guitars and drumsticks aside to collaborate on some collage comics action

  • Jason Overby continues his ascension with “Meat Density/Tame Destiny”

  • Aidan Koch has relocated to England, but we’re building bridges here

  • Tim Goodyear shares his cult VHS reviews, just like watching a movie with the dude himself

  • Dame Darcy, welcome to Portland!

  • Blaise Larmee resurfaces after another successful plunge into the subconscious

What is Diamond Comics? It’s a newspaper of experimental comics that blurs the lines between the worlds of illustration, graphic design, and comics. Inspired by similar experimental papers like Paper Rodeo and also international illustration and graphic design magazines like Rojo or Faesthetic. 

Tabloid format, printed on newsprint.

32 pages. Black and white with color covers.

Floating World, 2009

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