Destroyer Duck #5


“Shatterer of Worlds” – the last Gerber/Kirby story of the series

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“Shatterer of Worlds” – the last Gerber/Kirby story of the series

What happens when the mad genius behind Howard the Duck teams up with the artistic visionary who brought us Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Hulk? Destroyer Duck! In 1982, when Steve Gerber was suing Marvel over the rights to Howard the Duck, he teamed up with artist Jack Kirby to create a landmark comic to raise funds for that fight. They spun the tale of Duke “Destroyer” Duck, who takes on the villainous GodCorp to fight for his friend, the Little Guy. The creative duo followed that up with a Destroyer Duck series. This is the last of the four more issues the team would create together. Inks by Alfredo Alcala. Backup feature: “The Starling” by Jerry Siegel and Val Mayerik.

32 page full color comic

Eclipse, 1983

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Steve Gerber, Jack Kirby & Co.