Chaos: Lone Sloane


by Philippe Druillet

Facing the cosmic winds, a man standing on a stone throne, flies into space. In his illuminated eyes shines the red glow of madness. This man is Lone Sloane.

Heavy Metal
ISBN: 9781882931651

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Watch out: it’s the big comeback of Lone Sloane. And, at the same time, that of its creator, a certain Philippe Druillet. Druillet, throughout his albums, upset the storytelling method of comics. He freed himself from the too narrow frame of the box and the board to compose authentic paintings with disheveled lyricism. The character Sloane, first appeared in 1966, and became famous in 1970 in the pages of the weekly Pilot with The Six Voyages of Lone Sloane. Druillet, the visionary and enthusiastic author, exploded the usual frameworks of the comic strip, giving free rein to its graphic and narrative excess. Before leaving the comics in 1986, exhausted, to better explore other territories.

In Chaos, Lone Sloane meets Shaan, his old enemy. The story portrays the eternal conflict between good and evil, in an allegorical narrative carried by a Baroque text. If the staging of the images has been somewhat lessened compared to previous albums, it still retains the mark of Druillet: that of an inventor of forms who has always striven to push the limits of his art. —Gilbert Jacques

62 page full-color hardcover
Heavy Metal, 2001

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