Capacity 2008 Paperback


by Theo Ellsworth

Intricate, even exquisite – but never immaculate, Theo Ellsworth’s Capacity is a mind turned inside out. Ellsworth’s careful line gives shape to profound and profoundly silly thoughts alike, bringing a visionary, startling new life to the doubts and hopes that are so familiar to everyone. 


Secret Acres
ISBN: 9780979960925

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Part autobiogrpahy, part mythology and totally beautiful, Theo Ellsworth’s much beloved perennial classic, Capacity, returns in a special edition!

Capacity tells the fantastically true and truly fantastic personal history of the artist as a young man. Theo Ellsworth’s astonishing drawings, which Pitchfork describes as “a combination of Where the Wild Things Are, a fever dream, a pagan woodland ceremony, and a notebook doodle,” give shape to thoughts profound and silly, bringing familiar doubts and hopes to visionary, new life. Just try to remember, this all really happened.

Counted among the best books of its original publication year by the Chicago Tribune, the Village Voice, the Huffington Post and dozens of others, Capacity is returning in a deluxe, special edition.

336 page black and white paperback with color covers
Secret Acres, first edition, 2008

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