Big Apple Comix


editor: Flo Steinberg

New York City-based commercial comic talent takes time away from their busy work for Marvel, DC and National Lampoon to make an underground comic in 1975. Wally Wood, Al Williamson, Archie Goodwin, Herb Trimpe, Larry Hama, Ralph Reese, Marie Severin, Neal Adams, Alan Weiss, Mike Ploog and more go slumming downtown in this astounding artifact of alarming alacrity!

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Big Apple Comix was a one-shot, hybrid alternative/underground comic edited by Fabulous Flo Steinberg (one of the first independent comics ever published), featuring stories and art about New York City.

Stories: “The Man without a City,” script by Stu Schwarzberg, inks by Marie Severin; After denouncing New York, a man is sentenced to spend the remainder of his life having no contact with the city. “My Word,” script and art by Wally Wood; Wood exaggerates New York’s reputation for sleaze and sex. “The Tube,” script by Wally Wood, art by Al Williamson (signed); Dan Green; Brad Bickford is transported to another dimension where he is considered their long-prophesied champion. “A Nice Place to Visit, But…”, script and art by Linda Fite; The contrast between New York and California. Over & Under, art by Neal Adams and Larry Hama; The contrasting lives of an office secretary and a prostitute. “The Battery’s Down,” script and art by Alan Weiss; A new arrival in the city experiences a rapid dose of its downside. “Lotsa Yox,” script and pencils by Herb Trimpe, inks by Wally Wood; 1933 pilot has an unexpected encounter. “The Silent Minority,” script and art by Mike Ploog; A day in the life of a hobo. “Token,” script and art by Herb Trimpe; A subway token is discovered in the far distant future.

Foreword by Denny O’Neil.

Front cover art by Stu Schwartzberg, Larry Hama, Paul Kirchner, & Wally Wood. Back cover by Ralph Reese.

32 page black and white comic with color covers
Big Apple Productions, 1975

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