Axel Pressbutton #3


Axel Pressbutton is a psychotic killing machine with a deep hatred for plant life.

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Reprinting strips from The Warrior in color. Character created by Alan Moore (AKA Curt Vile) and Steve Moore (no relation AKA Pedro Henry). Story by Pedro Henry, art by Steve Dillon and Cam Kennedy. Backup story by Steve Parkhouse and John Ridgeway. Bonus page: Gary Leach illustrates “How to make a Zirk”. Cover art by Alan Davis.

Axel Pressbutton was a meek, unthreatening florist operating in Earth's future until he accidentally took delivery of a sentient, telepathic, anesthetic carnivorous plant which began eating him from the feet upwards, all the while apologizing profusely and preventing him from feeling any pain. Axel was rescued but only his head, one arm and part of his torso remained intact so he was rebuilt as a cyborg, his missing arm replaced by a cleaver, and fitted with a button on his chest which, when pressed, would violently stimulate the pleasure centres of his brain (a kind of compensation for the loss of everything from the wist down). The embittered Pressbutton suffered a total personality change and became a violent, amoral spacefaring mercenary (partnered with the assassin Mysta Mystralis AKA Laser Eraser) with a deep rooted phobia about vegetation of any kind.

32 page full color comic book

Eclipse Comics, 1985

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Steve Moore, Steve Dillon & Co.


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