Add Toner: A Cometbus Collection


by Aaron Cometbus

Collects the best of Cometbus 44-48 and more!

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ISBN: 9780867197532

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A collection of the classic, out of print issues of Cometbus magazine, the follow-up to Despite Everything, the best-of collection from the first two decades of Cometbus. Add Toner includes the entirety of issues 47-Lanky (a novella), and 48-Back to the Land (an oral history of the children of hippie homesteaders), plus sixty other interviews and short stories drawn from issues 44-46 1/2 and elsewhere. The text is lovingly handwritten, interspersed with bold graphics and illustrations. Includes never-before-published material.

“A classic in the subterranean world” Time

“The best loved zine ever.” – San Francisco Bay Guardian

Aaron Cometbus has been publishing his highly revered magazine, Cometbus, for thirty years. He is the author of several novels, and the editor of Despite Everything: Cometbus Omnibus. He lives in New York City.

Softcover, Black and white, 368 pages.

NOTE: Does NOT include material from Cometbus #50, even though the same cover art is used. Confusing, we know.

Download a PDF of a story from the book.

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