Acme Novelty Library #7


by Chris Ware

Acme Novelty Library #7. The Acme Novelty Book of Jokes. A Robust Congress of Laff-Getters Certain to Brighten Even the Saddest Last Saturday of Childhood. Featuring Rocket Sam! Big Tex! God! Plus: Science! Adventure! Criticism!

NOTE on CONDITION: Dinged and creased corners. 

Fantagraphics Books

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Contents: Untitled Big Tex story; Paw and Avery make a deal. A tour of the Acme company. Rocket Sam on the Mysterious Cave Planet Of Zanndor; Rocket Sam lands on a new planet. Text and illustration article redesigning the constellations. Untitled Big Tex story; Paw takes Tex shooting. Untitled Quimby The Mouse story; Quimby’s night at home; presented as a cut out and construct miniature book. These Arms Were Made For Hugging; The Marooned Sam constructs a companion. Cut-out and construct miniature library.

NOTE on CONDITION: Dinged and creased corners. 

28 page massive color and black and white tabloid
Fantagraphics Books, 1995

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