Abe: Wrong for All the Right Reasons

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by Glenn Dakin

Sporting a glowing introduction by the master of “veiled autobiography,” Eddie Campbell, this graphic novel features all of Glenn Dakin’s Abe stories from the British comix scene. If you’re not familiar with Dakin’s work, Glenn has, for the last nineteen years, been one of England’s best alternative comics creators. Abe is not only regarded as a milestone in the world of fanciful autobiography, but it’s a must read for fans of Alec or anyone who’s interested in astute, witty, and profound observations of life and living.

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ISBN: 9781891830228

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“As part of a loose crowd of underground, independent, and/or self-published British comics writers (including From Hell illustrator Eddie Campbell, who provides Abe‘s introduction), Dakin drew comics for a wide variety of small-press publications, but his attention returned time after time to a malcontent dreamer named Abraham Rat. Abe—Wrong For All The Right Reasons collects all the Abe Rat stories, which span a roughly decade-long period that began in 1984. In the humorous early strips, Abe is also Captain Oblivion, a superhero so generic that he easily stands in as a metaphor for comic-strip heroes in general. Abe makes a characteristically low-key hero, philosophically pondering his actions before and after coming to the rescue, and frequently concluding that his potential beneficiaries are better off unrescued. But as the book progresses, Abe becomes a conduit for nakedly autobiographical anecdotes, commentaries, and travelogues. —description from AV Club’s Tasha Robinson

176 page black and white paperback
Top Shelf, 2002

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