1984 #1


Late 70s sci-fi comics stories in the Warren Publishing tradition (Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella) by Alfredo P. Alcala, Luis Bermejo, Richard Corben, Esteban Maroto, Rudy Nebres, Alex Niño, Josè Ortiz, Jim Stenstrum, Joe Vaultz and Wally Wood.


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James Warren’s answer to the successful Heavy Metal magazine, 1984 features allegedly adult-oriented stories and art. The name changed to 1994 with issue number eleven.

This debut issue includes the following stories: Last of the Really Great, All-American Joy Juice by Bill DuBay and Jose Ortiz; The Saga of Honey Dew Melons by Nicola Cuti and Esteban Maroto; Once Upon Clarissa by Bill DuBay and Alex Nino; Quick Cut by Bill DuBay and Wally Wood (story credited solely to Wood); The Saga of Xatz and Xotz by Bill DuBay and Alfredo Alcala; Bugs! by Bill DuBay and Joe Vaultz; Mutant World by Richard Corben (in color); Faster-than-Light Instellar Travel by Jim Stenstrum and Luis Bermejo; Angel! by Bill DuBay and Rudy Nebres; and Momma, Can You Hear Me? by Nicola Cuti and Alex Nino.

Cover art by Richard Corben.

80 page black and white magazine with color covers
Warren, 1978

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