“In 1993, Alan Moore, Steve Bissette and Rick Veitch planned an ambitious, seven issue miniseries for the new publisher, Image Comics. Six issues were published but the concluding issue never materialized. So…what happened?”

Commentary from the creators (Source facebook):

“Overlord Comics has done some decent scholarship on the troubled history of 1963. They get most of it right but a couple things are out of order in time. And they are missing behind the scenes stuff they couldn’t have known about. But good stuff.” —Rick Veitch

“After the initial call from Jim Valentino, I immediately called Rick Veitch before then calling Alan Moore. Rick was part of whatever-we-were-going-to-do-if-we-did-anything from the get-go.

“The rest—ya, I can live with this account being pretty much accurate and perhaps even ‘a final word.’ Which is a relief of sorts.” —Stephen R. Bissette

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