There’s just a few days to go until Jason Martin and his Power Animal Systems crew join Lady Starlight for a series of dates on Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball tour. Here’s a brief news roundup of a couple items for you. UPDATE: This post was composed before we got the word that the Born This Way Ball US tour had to be cancelled. We’ll post any other relevant news when we get, it.

Toronto, Ontario’s The Grid ran a great interview with Starlight featuring many videos, which draws the path from her earlier work with Brown Cuts Neighbors to this current tour.

Jason recently did a guest slot on free103point9’s Radio Stew, which you can listen to online.

I asked Jason for a description of what to expect on the Born This Way Ball shows, he sent me this: “You can expect Starlight’s brand new show – which is a combination of performance art and live music [and some deep cuts, like the Be-Bop Deluxe tune as seen above, presumably] with many costume changes and other surprises. On the gigs where she is joined by Power Animal Systems, we appear onstage for the final act of her performance. We will be performing our own piece, within her show – while she plays live music – as a trio of shiny silver wolf people from space. Then Starlight and I will perform a duet of songs we wrote as children. Then some improv of unknown type will occur. Then the show will end. Somehow. We will figure it out. Old school style. On the spot!”

More news as it happens folks.