Peter Capaldi Tries Out A Fez


From Season 7, Episode 6 of The Comic Strip Presents: Jealousy, originally aired on May 27, 1993, new Doctor Who Peter Capaldi puts on a fez and says, “A bit obvious, maybe”. Timey, Wimey, indeed.

“Despite trying to cure himself with a hypnosis tape John Pettigrew is insanely jealous of his wife Jane Margory and convinced she is having an affair with her handsome water aerobics instructor. Seeing a name and number in her diary he follows her in drag, only to find it is a transvestite club she is covering as a journalist and where he is embarrassingly chatted up. In the event his suspicions are correct but the proof comes as a cost.”

The whole story (and several more episodes of The Comic Strip Presents) is viewable on Hulu (link may only work for subscribers).