Online auction to benefit Dara Greenwald

If you’re looking for holiday gifts and/or you’ve been wanting to help out artist/activist Dara Greenwald (and her partner Josh MacPhee) in their financial/emotional/medical battle against cancer and expensive chemotherapy bills, now is your chance!

Dara’s friends have created an incredible online art auction – where for 7 days – starting today, you can buy affordable works of art, literature, music, photography and film by fantastically talented and renowned artists, scholars and activists. All proceeds go straight to Dara!Seriously gorgeous, rare, exciting stuff – go take a look!

Artists include Aaron Renier, The Yes Men, Craig Baldwin, Jem Cohen, Jesse Stiles, Nao Bustamante, Olivia Robinson, Pauline Oliveros, Rick Prelinger and about 100 others.

And please, please pass on the word to your lovers and to art-lovers: The auction only runs till December 5th!

btw Dara was also the director of Jason Martin & Evolution Revolution’s “The Binding of Fenris” video. She is a good friend to more people I know from different regions and disciplines than seems possible.