One Last Beer With Don Donahue

Don Donahue and Adam Alexander at San Diego Comic-Con 1989

Apparently you’re dead, Don. It’s been a long time. I miss seeing you around the old neighborhood. God, we used to talk and talk. You always had something going on. Usually bizarre, often sad, or at least bittersweet. Always something interesting. We all used to talk about Dori. Leslie, Adam, Kristine, you. The crew. It’s so great the book happened. Dori Stories. Without that…

I don’t know what ever happened that we all seemed to have such awful luck. Just the accumulation of events over time, I guess. Not much going on for happy endings. For the local underground comix crew… maybe less so… or more so… or whatever. Not too many of the old gang left, don’t hear much from those that are. Don’t hear much from the newer gang either. It’s a real shame about the warehouse. It looks like it’s still there. Big joke, right? I dunno. I don’t get down there much anymore.

You were a huge inspiration to alot of us, Don. You were the man who got the ball rolling.

OK. Gotta go… safe trip.

Dakin Warehouse - 2750 Adeline, Berkeley, CA 1970s

Some history of the warehouse.