Maybe it’s the hour… (really, it is not that late … 10:39 pm) but this really got to me. The movie 12 Monkeys. Terry Gilliam… Bruce Willis. There is a scene towards the end of the film where the stars are in a movie theatre watching Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. OK, yeah possible, whatever. I’m guessing that Gilliam wanted to just accent something in his film… time travel and all that. But. Here’s the deal. 12 Monkeys came out in 1995 – so, written and made a little earlier. It depicts events in 1996 (among some other years). In the real 1996 Vertigo was in a very successful restored release… Sure it’s possible that Gilliam knew… but, well not likely. Very odd. We’re talking BIG. Notable re-release here. All kinds of old movies are referenced in newer ones all the time… I thought some other things about this film. How there is just so much resonance on so many levels for so many people. This remake of Chris Marker’s La Jette. It’s hard to watch – even for the 10th time – and not to be near tears in points. Now there are those odd bits that I wish were just not there. They are too Hollywood – “some crazy dentist”… I’m beginning to suspect that some of these things – these images – these dreams – these commodities… might matter. they might be important.