Offset Needle Radius – Tonight in Lowell, Mass.

Avant-Guitar – Saturday February 7 8pm, $5 at the door. 119 Gallery, Lowell, Mass.

Offset Needle Radius – guitar, primitive synth, microcassette, nuts & bolts
Marc Bisson – prepared guitar & objects
Trachypithecene Entity -traditional & invented instruments.

Offset Needle Radius aka Joshua Baker [Portsmouth, NH] has whittled 25 years of self taught guitar in to a swiss army knife of sounds, buffered and buffed by additional instruments and miscellaneous sound sources. His pilgrimages through punk, doom, and formulaic song structures have brought him to the sonic space that is Offset Needle Radius, né Not Square With Zero.

Marc Bisson [Manchester, NH] … so i’ve been on earth you’d think long enough and i still don’t know what the hell humanity exists for! i mean, there’s still killing and wars and hatred and destruction of the earth and…arghhh!! you’d just think by now…so anyway, i’m a free improvising sound artist who enjoys performing and playing with others who are like minded. i enjoy good food, beer, music, film, books, comics, art.

Trachypithecus [Portland, ME] … it means something along the lines of “rough ape/monkey;” And that’s what all this is, at its core: roughness, spewed forth by a post-ape, warped, convoluted regurgitation of predetermined musical antimatter. The goal of all this is unclear – mostly, these sonic sketches function as a personal catharsis, allowing me to vent cathexis in a somewhat nondestructive manner, providing a communal environment in which others can partake in the process.