nickname: Rebel Gear Blog 2: Beat Blenders

Wild Planet’s Beat Blenders

Girls of Slender Means by WOWCOOL

Picked up this pair a few years ago and did damn little with them. Finally broke them out for the “Girls of Slender Means” sessions with Mike and Nick of nickname: Rebel (excerpt above). It’s a tricky double-backed beast and deserves a further look, and probably some serious circuit mangling. And just what sort of info passes through those RJ45 plugs? See video and links to circuit bending info below.

The Beat Benders Series: Bling Bling on TechDweeb | New Toy – The Beat Blenders on Unearthed Circuits

Beat Blenders Product Sheet (PDF)

Electronica Beat Blender on Amazon | Power Rock Beat Blender on Amazon.

Photo of the Beat Blenders was achieved by slapping those babies on a flatbed scanner. Came out pretty cool.

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