Dandelion radio

nickname: Rebel recorded an exclusive five-track session for Mark Whitby’s show on internet radio station Dandelion Radio, and you can hear it all during June, 2009. That’s nearly a half hour of new stuff made by Marc Arsenault, Tom Burre, Michael Keegan and Nick Carpenter. Recorded at Wow Cool in Cupertino, California.

Dandelion Radio plays a 23-hour rotation of shows continuously, so you could listen to the show every single day, just one hour earlier each time. Check their schedule page for more details.

Mark Whitby’s description of the show:‘An absolute clinker’, Richie Benaud might say, as the English cricket season hovers into view and the long summer evenings are filled with sounds of So Shush and Noise Annoys Simon and a very welcome EP reissue from 4our5ive6ix. And he might just be referring to the debut Dandelion Radio session of Nickname: Rebel, who deliver five tracks of such stunning ferocity, you might want to don a safety helmet.

Dandelion Radio is an internet radio station founded in June 2006 with the aim of pursuing the musical legacy of the popular and influential BBC Radio 1 disk jockey John Peel. The station takes its name from the record label Dandelion Records founded and run by Peel between 1969 and 1972.