New Wow Cool Shop Preview and Some Links

Hello all. Sorry it’s been a little quiet here. Been a little busy building a new Wow Cool online shop. This is something like the fifth version (counting the DeptEx shop and the first store that was hosted by another company way back in 1995/1996). As mentioned previously the redevelopment of Wow Cool is happening right in plain view. The view will get stranger as the shop moves to the front page and gets better integrated with this blog. The design will also be changing. Expect the launch (and some other exciting announcements) sometime in mid-September.

In the meanwhile, we are holding a one week beta test of the shop. There are currently 157 items. More are being added every day. All your old favorites are in there from the likes of Steven Cerio, Brown Cuts Neighbors, God Hates Computers, Sam Henderson, Cometbus and many more. Yes, Wow Cool has basically gone and picked up where we left off when the old Berkeley warehouse closed way back at the end of 1998. But, you know, much better.

PLEASE NOTE: The shop will not be staying in it’s current location. This is a one week test that will end early on Tuesday, August 23. Please ignore the ugliness of the current layout. Most of the work on the site has been focussed on developing the product pages and making the integration with the post office and PayPal rock solid. The shop is also fully HTTPS/SSL secured and certified, as guaranteed by Comodo. The whole ordering process should work smoothly. Shipping is now based on size and weight. The old flat priority weight for everything is long gone; you may now select the shipping method that meets your needs. Any orders placed during this period will be shipped with as many extra goodies that will fit in the box.

Please enjoy The Wow Cool Shop.
Please send all problems, suggestions, bon mots, etc. through the contact page or use the comments function on this post.

OK, now some random interesting stuff out on the interwebs…

As has been reported just about everywhere else first, Hedi Slimane has posted photos of Frances Bean Cobain in which she is clearly sporting a lovely tattoo of Al Columbia’s Seymour Sunshine. I like to imagine that when she sleeps, Seymour leaps off her arm – Out of The Inkwell style – to go make out with Quentin Crisp on her right shoulder.

Gary Panter has been posting many great links and articles on the artists that influenced him through the Gary Panter Fans Facebook group and elsewhere. Two recent ones you will want to be sure to check out are the website of Bob Zoell and this article by Gary on Peter Saul on HiLowBrow.

This story by John ‘King Cat’ Porcellino, to celebrate 20 years of German small press Reprodukt, is pretty great. Via Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter.

A whole slew of upcoming shows have been announced involving Joshua Baker/Offset Needle Radius and Jason Martin. If you are in the Northeast you should check some of these out.