I really love quarter-size zines, so when Dylan told me to put whatever I wanted in the store, obviously I picked all smaller size comics. First up is Carrie McNinch’s latest: You Don’t Get There From Here #19. Entertaining as always, with a clean and comfortable-to-read style, Carrie’s strips turn the mundane, magical.

Labanotation, by Sean Christensen and Amy Kuttab, is another great book…and it’s huge! 96 pages! Both Sean and Amy are masters of fantasy/fantastical realism/folk tale sort of stories and I love anything set in Sean’s “Church of Awesome Thought” universe. So you should probably check it out.

Next up is Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg’s The Monsters Make a Stew. Lisa is mostly known for her journal comics (I Cut My Hair) but she is a great storyteller in general, and her ligne claire style suits this cute tale perfectly.

And finally, one of mine. Food Stamp Foodie #1 is a recipe zine (we’ve got a little collection going) with 10 cheap vegan recipes and some doodles. It’s pretty cute.