Good morning all! Four new books were added to the store today! First: 2005: a Fragment of the Larger Work 4 by Sean Christensen! This book hits close to home when our protagonist gets bummed over some tunes that remind him of a past love. Sean’s transitions in this comic are especially engaging.

Next up is Long Legs by Julianna Green! This book has some stunning visuals. It follows two friends as they search for a witch that is hurting the small critters around the village. Julianna Green’s style is a real treat.
And finally, I Cut My Hair #1&#2, as well as #4 from Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg! Lisa has a real knack for autobio comics and you can see all the hard work she puts in. Whether it’s just a thought for the day, or a thought towards life in general, you are sure to relate to Lisa as she moves through life.
Have a wonderful day and be sure to check out our rad new books!