SPX was super fun this year! In addition to having the privelege to lose Ignatzes to so many talented publishers and creators, Sparkplug had, what I am fairly certain was a collective blast. While I had an all around tremendous time, what follows are my five favorite moments:

1) Wiping poop off my step cat’s butt the morning after Gabby Schultz, Jesse Reklaw, Sean Ford, and me drank an entire bottle of whiskey. This moment, while not really an official part of SPX programming, was nonetheless imortalized by Jesse in his tour diary:

2) Reading the “normal lady” part from Gabby’s rad rad rad excerpt from Welcome to the Dahl House at the Atomic Books SPX-plosion party. Jesse read the boy part

3) Driving to SPX on Saturday with Kim and Ben (embedded video to follow as soon as Ben stops playing Wii or gets off the google and sends it to me).

4) Running into Brett Warnock at the post Ignatz ceremony fondue and cocktail hour and meeting Swedish cartoonist and rapper dudes extraordinaire, Simon Gardenfors and Johannes Klenell. They are so cool! They know my friend Christian Pallin who is pretty much the King of all of Sweden (although I can find no evidence of it on the interwebs) and who is not related to Sarah Palin in any way shape or form.

Look! Here’s Simon rapping!

Check it out! Here’s Simon’s Wikipedia entry!

Top Shelf is putting out a book of Simon’s comics which I think is going to be AWESOME. You can read about Simon and some of his fellow Swedish cartoonists’ work in this write up on Comic Book Bin of “From the Shadow of the Northern Lights”, an excellent Swedish comics anthology that Johannes edited and published through his Swedish based publishing house, Galago, that I believe Top Shelf is distro-ing:

5) Spending quality time with Theo Ellsworth on the ride back to Queens with Secret Acres. Theo is a really nice fellow. He politely listened to me blather on endlessly about all of my insights about how everything that is wrong with America today can be gleaned from a single viewing of I wanna work for Diddy.

Additionally, peeps of Portland should be on the lookout for for Theo’s new catch-phrase (stolen from P. Diddy) which I believe I thoroughly convinced him to adopt and to employ under any and all circumstances:
“Yo that’s whack. I roll with God all the way, y’all.”
Theo may have just been being polite but I think he might also start saying it all the time too. I can’t be sure though due to my East Coast location, so people of Portland keep me informed as to whether or not the aforementioned catch-phrase enters Theo’s lexicon, n’kay? Thx.