Managed to forget about these in my previous posts about quality Scarfing Material and The Best Leather You’ll Ever Know… But, if, for whatever reason, you happen to read this and be in these cities, then you’ll know of a reliable place to eat some good food. OK?

This first one is super useful, as it’s in a less fashionable part of Portland (I guess… I really don’t know), and there is serious danger here of being Lead Down The Wrong Path (i.e., going to what might seem to be a friendly neighborhood pub, or reliable chainraunt). In my limited understanding of the PDX, this place is in the North… Pizza A Go Go had some good pie, a great patio and the kind of friendly surly staff you want out of a pizza joint. If you were up in that part of town and didn’t know otherwise, you might easily skip them. Don’t ask for a salad if they seem even slightly busy, but, if not, I am told they are the absolute shit, and come in insane portions.

If you go to Cleveland, and it is the weekend, you have to get brunch at Fat Fish Blue. It is simply the absolute best. As in, ‘you fucking died and went to goddamn brunch heaven’ good.