Monday Office Playlist

Today I got to shoot some new costumes designed by Nurse Dylan aka Psycho Shango (of Psycho Nurse Calendar fame) that are for the brilliant Breedlove and my fellow Brown Cuts Neighbor Lady Starlight. In the photo studio at Wow Cool we strictly rock the vinyl, and sticking with the general theme of Lady Starlight’s Rock N Roll High School blog, we pretty strictly stuck to the 70s. I can’t say we anywhere near rocked the awesomeness of a Lady Starlight DJ set. Next time I may have to go for the 7″ singles. There is, actually, a strong flavor of greatness-yet-to-come with the selections here.

Ben. Speaking of rocking 7″ singles. When I had my first radio show on WSVA AM in New York, my co-host Ben Jackson floated the single version of the title track to MJ’s second solo album onto the wheels of steel on a regular basis. It was many years before I discovered that it was attached to a full length very-pre Off The Wall LP, and not just the theme song to a film about a rat. It has its moments. The MJ hearts logo is recycled from his debut solo joint, also of 1972, “Got To Be There”.

You can download Ben on Ben - Michael Jackson or get the throbbing plastic edition from Amazon. Sadly, none of the current releases seem to contain the art with THE RATS!!!!

Walrus. The disappointment of the afternoon. Mostly workaday discoee sortsa-funkyish stuff. Great album art. Maybe side two redeems. No idea. You can still grab the vinyl from Amazon.

Thin Lizzy – Fighting. Fuck yeah, folks. Thin Lizzy. Phil Lynott is one of the best front dudes ever. This is the record where they first locked into thee signature Thin Lizzy duel-guitar style. No hits, but much greatness.

Get CD on Amazon or download from Fighting (Remastered) - Thin Lizzy

Bonus bit, via B.P. Fallon on TwitterPhil Lynott on the back of a truck

David Bowie – The Man Who Sold the World. Heavy Metal Bowie. Tony Visconti‘s hammer of enoch. It’s unreal how heavy, how good, how far past what came before this album is. We blasted both sides of this, while few records made it past one side. Opening cut Width of a Circle is still astounding, but the second part of it still seems… out of place.

Physical disk thing of the original US vinyl with the weird art from Amazon or download now from The Man Who Sold the World (David Bowie) - David Bowie

Dust – Hard Attack. Whoah! What is going on here? Frank Frazetta? I enjoyed this thoroughly, but remember little. One thing many people know about this disk who know about it, is that it was a record that Marky Ramone (Marc Steven Bell) made before he was in the Ramones (and also before he was in Richard Hell’s the Voidoids) A special thank you to Rev. Joshua Baker for turning me on to this during our 2009 tour.

Get disk from Amazon or download bits from Hard Attack - Dust

The Comedians – And here we are with the bonus album. Pulled out for play today, but never gotten to, is Laurence Rosenthal’s soundtrack to the 1960s film version of Graham Greene’s The Comedians. In some sort of acknowledgment of Baby Doc Duvalier’s return to Haiti after a quarter century exile. Available in psychedelic vinyl from Amazon.

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