Monday Morning Rodan

This week’s Rodan comes from Simon Gane, who shared it this morning via Twitter. Just a little tease of his upcoming issue of Godzilla Legends. It’s starting to look like a bit of a departure from the sytle Simon used in his previous monster book.

In non-kaiju news…

Today is an other second Monday, therefore Michael DeForge has posted Ant Comic 5.

You may still need to purchase “Harmonic Time Cycles & Scary Guitar Man“, the new cassette release by Jason Martin.

Here is a lovely review of the latest Retrofit Comics release Drag Bandits over on the Google Double Plus Good.

Digital Music News got a makeover and no longer looks like a website from the 1950s.

Occupy San Francisco seems poised to transform into a zombie crawl today. No idea how this might overlap with the usual over the top SF Halloween festivities.