Monday Morning Massive Link Dump

Vital nuggets gleamed from Twitter and elsewhere over the past week.

Mark Twain and Sam Henderson

This photo set of Michael Kupperman at New York Comic Con 2011 promoting his new book “Mark Twain’s Autobiography 1910-2010” is utterly bonkers. “Twain” is pictured here with Sam Henderson. Me and Sam published some of Michael’s earliest strips in the late 80’s in the last couple of issues of our comics anthology Tuna Casserole. His work then was just as developed and funny as it is now. How does he do it?

Comics’ Master of The Mystic Arts Paul Pope is “Really digging these lurid, grotesque vintage Matt Fox comics” And you will too.

With six days to go, this benefit auction to have lunch with Neil Gaiman, is already up to $416. So I imagine it’s to be at somewhere nicer than, say, a Johnny Rockets.* It’s all for a very good cause. The influential horror and science fiction writer Ed Bryant is having some rough times, and the Friends of Ed Bryant are helping him out (Facebook group). There is a benefit auction taking place at the MileHiCon in Denver Colorado next weekend. I think I talked to Ed a bit at the 2009 World Fantasy Convention when it was in San Jose; but, I could be completely crazy. Either way, it is all much muddled by the insane food and booze that was on hand at the event.

As recommended by just about everyone, Dustin Harbin’s tribute to the late Dylan Williams of Sparkplug and Puppy Toss, though brief, is well worth the quick, but deep, read. When I made my first tentative steps back into the comics industry in 2008, Dustin and Dylan were two of the first people there to welcome me into it with open arms.

Sean T. Collins gives much love to J. G. Ballard, Lisa Hanawalt and Phoebe Gloeckner on Robot 6; thereby confusing most of it’s readers, but making me very happy.

I’m seriously looking forward to John Allison’s next ‘break strip’ from his usual Bad Machinery storyline. It appears that Shelley Winters will be making her first major return to comics since the end of Scary Go ‘Round, two years ago, in the ‘Murder She Writes‘ comic – appearing first in an online serialization and later in printed form. Meanwhile… WTF with onion boy!?!?

UPDATE! Graham Annable has done a new Hidden People (printed) comic, and it’s out now. Here’s a preview. Hurry, there’s a limited quantity.

We end, as we began, with Michael Kupperman… who has gotten in bed with the world’s favorite mutants, the X-Men…

*Hopefully a few people who were ever involved in any signings or other events at a certain Melrose Ave. Comic Book shop know what I’m talking about.