Mid-Week Mid-Moving Tweetdown

Busy day week. Tuesday, November 15th is was the official move-in day to Wow Cool’s new offices in the Monta Vista neighborhood of Cupertino (If you know the area, we’re next to Paul and Eddies) The gallery/bookstore will not be open for a few more weeks yet… aiming for early December… we’ll see. There will be no interruption to regular shipping. All orders placed Saturday will ship out on Monday. Weather permitting, all the books and records and whatnot will move into their new home on Saturday. We get internet on Monday. And, in great news for the impatient, the new digs are two blocks from the post office, so most orders placed before 3pm Pacific time on weekdays will ship out the same day.

I’ve been finding the strangest stuff while unpacking and stuffing filing cabinets. Today, the long-missing “Mark Martin” folder was uncovered, also a xerox collection of very early strips that Mike Kupperman sent to me to use in the old Tuna Casserole anthology. Wondering now why we never said, ‘hey Mike, we should print a whole book of this stuff’. Many, many other gems… Once the scanner gets moved I’ll scan a few and share them here. I’ve been planning on digitizing and posting massive chunks of the Wow Cool archive over the course of the next year or so. More on that when it starts happening. (illustration above is a scan from a memo by Mark Martin to the Hyena artists)

In other exciting news there is once again a Pee Dog publication available from Wow Cool. We did a printing of Pee Dog #1 back in the early 90’s and were working with Jocko & Eddie to get a Pee Dog Collection into print for about five years at three different publishers until when – literally the week that production was starting on the book – they pulled the plug on the project, presumably to spare their poor mothers the worry. Now, Picture Box has printed a new edition of Pee Dog #2 and we have that available to you here along with a dozen other fine PB publications.

There’s about a hundred more books and other stuff in the shop since last mentioned here in the engineroom, so, please do some browsing. Highlights include Kate Beaton’s first Hark! A Vagrant collection and the Nedroid collections from Topatoco, a large selection of books by the artists behind Adventure Time, Caroline Paquita’s 2012 Calendar, Mickey Z.’s R.A.V. books (expecting #5 to show up any day now), A very nice and very affordable print and also a very nice and very thick minicomic by Lisa Hanawalt, and the very strange event of when Michael Kupperman (him again!) worked for Timely Comics – All Select Comics #1 featuring The Blonde Phantom and Marvex!

OK. Now for the Tweetdown. The best and brightest bits of news from the Twitterzone from the last few days (follow Wow Cool, already). Usually posted on a Monday.

    • Liz Suburbia posted

five new pages of Sacred Heart

    • late on Wednesday, November 16th. She swears she’ll be getting some of the printed editions to us soon.

Bill Moyers is returning to television, and he has a personal letter to YOU about it.

Jeffrey Lewis will be playing at Pat Aulisio’s studio in Philly on November 23rd. Read the recent write up here on Jeffrey.

Ron Regé Jr. is taking your money and doing you drawings. I can think of worse ways to spend 75 bucks.

The must read item of this list is this interview with the awesome Annie Koyama of the press of the same name on CBR. And, no, I didn’t know she worked for the National Film Board of Canada either. No joke, we get plenty of those productions this side of the border too.

Gary Panter’s skateboard design for Pharmacy is a joy and a wonder to behold.

Dan Clowes’ Wilson may become a film. Slightly more information at the very end of this interview with director Alexander Payne.

Wow Cool is officially the last place on the interwebs to post a link to this video of Alan Moore talking about Harvey Pekar.

Oh… and though we teased it within minutes of everyone else, if not much earlier, and through the burnt sage grapevine of the Comic Relief Alumni psychic friends network knew all about it at least a few hours earlier, we are now about the last to report that, yes, there will be a big fat fucking book of King City finally. Creator Brandon Graham has the most enjoyable report of this impending publication. The book, will, of course, be available from Wow Cool. M. Graham will also be writing the new Prophet series for Image. Oh, the news of the new complete edition of King City was first announced in USA Today, of all places. The complete King City is to be a 424 page book from Image Comics, released on February 22, 2012 for a meager $19.99 at the ‘Golden Age’ size. Uh Huh. Yup. As mentioned before… we’d like to see an expanded Escalator collection with a special color section.

You like some J. Church? My much missed fellow MRR shitworker Lance Hahn’s unreleased demos have been digitized and unleashed for you to download. I will be re-hosting these here soon, so that you don’t have to deal with the idiocy of Sendspace. Um… remind me if I forget. Seriously. Busy damn week.

OK. That’s probably it until next Tuesday or so. We’ll see how the move goes. As mentioned before, there are many, many books that are in stock at Wow Cool that are not yet listed online. The goal is to get the vast bulk of it ready by good ole’ Black Friday, including the staggering amount of Robert Crumb titles we have. Otherwise, when the new place in Cupertino is open to the public, announcements will be made prominently in all the likely locations. Local pick-up will also be added as a shipping option in the store checkout. You can get in touch through the Contact Us form to make an appointment if you like until then. Thanks for reading.

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